New Hampshire psychic medium & tarot reader


Testimonials, from wonderful clients near and far…

“Thank you Katy. I had an awesome time today. Lots of positive energy. You and Brian really compliment each other. So wonderful to have two perspectives on reading styles. That made it a truly unique experience. Thank you for the great insight to the different spreads. I loved the hands on exercises. You really brought the cards to life. I am looking forward to your session in October.  I’ll be practicing my heart out till then.”

D.B., Nashua, NH, USA 

“Dear Katy,

My reading was wonderful. Thank you!

You provided me the insight and confidence to let go and move on to another level. A position of being, trusting and waiting rather than of becoming, fear and controlling.

I feel a lot of “dross” has left me leaving a calm, confidence and clarity for the next part of the journey.

Once again, thank you so much for what you have given. xx”

— D.T., Australia

“Katy provides introspective and supportive insight. When faced with a question Katy is helpful at laying out a foundation of self-reflection that helps to build cognizant self-awareness that is fun and really remarkable!”

— J.L., New Hampshire, USA

“This lady is the real deal. Her gifts go beyond what can be seen or perceived through normal sensory input. A true spirit guide!”

— K.M., Florida, USA

“Katy has this way of reading that instantly puts you at ease. I went in nervous with preconceived notions and an idea of a question, but left feeling better and more confident than I had in a while - and the cards had a much different story to tell than I was expecting. Shes genuine and insightful; you've never had a tarot reading like this before!“

— A.M., Nashua, NH, USA

“Katy, you’re amazing! Your readings are beyond good.”

R.G., Nashua, NH, USA