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Honor your ancestors: Talk to them

I can’t say this often enough: Talk to them.

Your ancestors. Those who have passed. Talk to them. It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t hear them. They can hear you. Always. I know, it feels weird talking to an empty room. But the room isn’t empty. They’re there.

And they want to hear from you. The connection between you means as much to them as it does to you.

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So what's it like, talking to spirits?

For the most part, I enjoy speaking with those who have passed. They’re interesting, and they each have distinct personalities. I learn what’s important to them, I learn about their spiritual journey. I learn what was important to them when they were alive. I also get to learn about how much they have for those who are still living. That’s the usual reason they pop up - to express their love.

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The folklore and science of mullein

While researching mullein, a very useful herb, online, I found this amazing article about the folklore and science of mullein and it’s uses. It was common in early America, for women especially, to keep gardens for the purpose of healing. Mullein was a European herb, brought over by settlers, but it was also integrated into the practices of some native people once it arrived on this side of the ocean.

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Katy Swallow